We book the bands we love, and we love it all: indie, punk, noise, hardcore, hip hop, electronic, country, and, hell, really everything.

We have a best-in-class sound system, a cool bar program, and a great space to hang out right on the North Saint Mary’s Strip.  If you love watching music, come see us.  If you love playing music, email us about playing a show.  If you book bands, most-definitely email us about a show you might have in mind.

See you soon!  



When will you post set times, you stupid jerks???  Here's the thing: we don't determine set times. That's the band/agent/tour manager.  And usually, those decisions aren't made until late the day of the show. We almost always try and post (your best bet is to follow our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), but sometimes we're running around like maniacs trying to get the place ready.

Can my band open for "XXX BAND"???  You need to talk to the promoter of the show.  Sometimes it's us, sometimes not.  And sometimes the band/agent doesn't want local openers. But the best way to get on our collective radars is to not suck, to play out frequently, come by Paper Tiger and introduce yourself to us, and, at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, work hard and hustle to build your band's following.

Do you guys have a street team???  You bet your ass we do!  Send us a message on our Facebook page to connect.

I lost my wallet/phone/clothes/etc. at Paper Tiger...help???  We try and collect things that look valuable and put them in our lost & found.  Send us a message on Facebook with the description of the item and we'll take a look.

Other questions???  Send us a message on Facebook, and we'll try and respond as quickly as we can.





Flexible capacity from 250 to 1000


Console - Avid SC48

JBL Vertec 4888 (3 per side)

JBL SRX728e Dual 18 subs (4 per side)

House Power - Crown Macro Tech

House Processing - BSS Omnidrive Compact    

48 x 16 analog snake

PAS 12" Floor Monitors - up to 8 mixes

Monitor Power - QSC Powerlight

Omega u12 sidefill tops

JBLsrx728e sidefill sub

JBLsrx728e drum sub

Shure DFR processor for side fill and drum fill

Shure and Sennheiser Mic package


Qty: 18- Elation Opti-Quad Par LED: 72W, 18 x 4W Quad Color LED RGBW Opti Par 18

Controller - Enlighten on a touch screen PC



Rigging 25'w x 10't Black Velour Pleated Curtain, Top Grommets, Chain Sewn in Bottom

small Stage


Capacity- 200


Sound console : Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital console

DBX DriveRack PA Plus Loudspeaker Management System

Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 

Pro Co 100' Shielded Cat 5e Etercon Digital Cable

16 input x 8 output 100’ analog snake

2  x  Yorkville Elite LS801P 1,500 watt powered subwoofers 

2  x  JBL JRX215 2-Way Speaker 700 watt

2  x  EV ElectroVoice Force i25 2-Way Speaker 600watt

2  x  EV Electro Voice Force i monitor 300watt

3  x  QSC GX5 700 watt per channel power amp

Shure SM58 microphones

Shure SM57 microphones

Sennheiser e600 Drum Pack

Samson CO2 condenser microphones


Qty: 6- Elation Opti-Quad Par LED: 72W, 18 x 4W Quad Color LED RGBW Opti Par 18 

Leprecon LP-612 DMX Fader Console (Small Room)





Yes, you wonderful & ambitious music promoter, you can rent Paper Tiger for your show.  Send us an email: info@papertigersatx.com